Production Rehearsals in Copenhagen

Studio R offers awesome and affordable Production Rehearsals in Copenhagen.

A growing number of artists and bands are requesting professional locations for Production Rehearsals to get ready for tour or as a pre-production facility.
We’re pleased to announce that we fully support Production Rehearsals at a low cost in an awe-inspiring setting.

Many international and Danish artists such as Lucas Graham, Tina Dickow, Allan Olsen, Michael Falck, The Minds of 99, Savage Rose, Ida Corr, Peter AG, Christian Hjelm, The Orchestra have have already chosen Studio R for their Production Rehearsal needs.

We offer three different rooms for rehearsal; “Maskinsalen (The Machine Hall)”, “Refugiet (The Refuge)” and “Stuen (Ground Floor)”.

See specs and prices for each room >

Our new facilities at Transformerstationen in Valby/Copenhagen

Our previous home

Since we cannot yet show you what the new Studio R will look like, once the renovation is complete, below you can see what Studio R used to look like at our old facility.

Ready to rock?

Please send your booking request to:

For general enquiries, feel free to contact:
Rasmus Tanstrup, Studio Manager
Tel: +45 2534 9131